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Aceitunas (v) (vg)

Spanish olives


Pan Con Tomate (v) (vg)

Bread, tomato, sherry vinegar and e.v.o.o


Banderillas (v) (vg)

skewers with pickle, onion, pepper, olives & gherkin


Tabla De Quesos (v)

Selection of 3 Spanish cheeses, quince, grapes, and walnuts

Tapa £7.50 / Racion £14.40

Tabla De Ibéricos 100%

Selection of 3 iberian cure meats

Tapa £7.50 / Racion £14.50

Iberico Ham 100% Bellota

Our premium iberico ham 100% acorn fed

Tapa £11.50 / Racion £25.50


Salt cured tuna loin, toasted almonds & picos



De Verduras (v)

Mixed season vegetables paella


De Carne

Chicken and pork loin, season vegetables paella


De Marisco

Fish, seafood, and shellfish paella


Tapas Del Campo


Thin grilled chorizo sausage with a layer of potatoes



Garlic and parsley meatballs in a tomato sauce


Pollo Al Ajillo

Chicken thighs slow cooked in white wine, garlic, and parsley


Carrillada Ibérica

Pork cheeks braised for half a day in a red wine, onion and peppers sauce. Served on a bed of potatoes


Tapas Del Mar

Carrillada Andaluza

Deep fried calamari


Boquerones Frito

Deep fried calamari



Cod loin tempura


Boquerones En Vinagre

Whitebait in vinegar, e.v.o.o, garlic, and parsley


Gambas Pil

King prawns sautéed with white wine garlic and bird eye chilli


Pulpo A La Gallega

Galician style octopus


Tapas Del Huerto

Patatas Bravas (v)(vg)

Handmade potatoes with spicy brava sauce


Patatas Alioli (v)

Handmade potatoes with our homemade garlic


Tortilla Española

The most traditional Spanish omelette with onions and potato


Pastel De Berenjena (v)

Layered oven bake aubergine with onion, tomato, almond and tomato sauce



Creamy bechamel croquette served with alioli (Please Ask our staff for the filling of the day !)



Ensalada Mixta

Big salad of mixed leaves, sweetcorn, cherry tomatoes, and Spanish tuna. with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and sherry vinegar


Ensalada De Queso De Cabra (v)

Big piece of grilled goat cheese served with mixed, salad leaves, cherry tomato, walnuts, honey, & herbs